Consultation about and management of neurologic disease

This is the core of our services. We will consult and when possible assist in management of ailments of the nervous system.


Recording brain waves to determine the overall functioning of the brain and to screen for abnormal electrical activity that may generate epileptic seizures. Click on link for more detailed information.

Nerve Conduction Studies

Recording the ability of peripheral nerves to conduct electrical impulses to determine the degree and type of nerve damage associated with many neurological complaints (EX: peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome. Click on link for more detailed information.


Recording from muscles to diagnose a number of diseases (Ex: radiculopathy or pinched nerve in the spine). This is almost always done with a nerve conduction test. Click on link for more detailed information.

Interrogation and setting adjustment of Vagal Nerve Stimulators

For epilepsy that does not respond to medications, these devices can be implanted by a neurosurgeon and the medical staff at the Oxford Neurology Clinic are trained to adjust the settings to bring about the best clinical results. Click on the Cyberonics® link (http://us.cyberonics.com/en/vns-therapy/) for more details.

Botox Injections

Medication injected into muscles to weaken them. This is used to treat chronic migraine headaches, spasticity and dystonia. Click on link for more detailed information.

Sleep Studies

Our doctors are board-certified in sleep medicine and work as the medical directors of several sleep labs across the northern part of Mississippi. Sleep studies diagnose and allow for the treatment of sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Intrathecal Pump Management

IT pumps deliver medication to the spinal fluid around the spinal cord. This can assist in the management of spasticity caused by conditions such as stroke and multiple sclerosis. Click on Medtronics® link (http://www.medtronic.com/patients/severe-spasticity/therapy/index.htm) for more details.